Sunday, July 5, 2009

A world record? Or not?

We put in a claim to the Guinness Book of Records to see if we really are the smallest art gallery in the world. We've just heard back from them that they are unable to investigate our claim as they have limited resources which can only be used for the most 'interesting' and 'important' of claims. So we'll carry on with our claim and see if anyone tells us about a smaller art gallery!


  1. Fantastic, just seen news item on Look North, and linked it to Twitter. Brilliant idea, and keep it up.


  3. Your gallery is fab! As creator of the Bog Standard Gallery, it's of huge interest :) I particularly like the mosaic floor, and hope to make a visit up to see it at some point.

    I am wondering if it is smaller than mine though?! Do you know the dimensions??